How To Apply RSS Ground?

RSS Ground – the service which fully automates the process of discovering and sharing of high quality content. All steps of content management are covered in RSS Ground: searching, filtering, reading, curation, publishing, monetization. RSS Ground will save your time and efforts automating your daily content routines.

Tip: to better understand the essence of RSS Ground service, please first read more about content feeds.

Content marketing

“Content” is the main concept of online marketing. Subscribers, followers, readers, visitors – all of them love to receive fresh and quality content. RSS Ground will help you creating content feeds with ever updated content based on your keywords. More targeted content you produce – more targeted traffic you get.

Affiliate marketing

If you ever thought about making money online, you definitely heard about affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate you receive commissions promoting goods online. RSS Ground affiliate feeds will help you creating lists of targeted products from most popular online merchants with your affiliate IDs already embedded into product links.


If you run your blog you definitely know how much time it takes to create or search for fresh content and then publish it. And the problem multiplies if you have several blogs on different topics. We’ve already mentioned how you can create feeds with targeted content. But you can also use RSS Ground content automated posters to automatically make posts to your blogs. As soon as fresh content appears in your content feeds it can be shared in your blog. Everything is automated!

Social network marketing

You don’t have a blog but prefer social networks? Not a problem! Or maybe you want to automatically share posts from your blog to your social network accounts – not a problem again! RSS Ground can make automated posts to most popular social networks. With RSS Ground you can set to update your numerous social network pages and accouns with quality content on complete autopilot.


Website owners will also find RSS Ground useful. You will be able to create custom content widgets which will display fresh content form a list of your content feeds. Place these content widgets to any page of your website and provide your visitors with fresh and targeted information on any topic.

Tools to use:

Personal use

You can use RSS Ground not only for business but also for your personal needs. You can search and generate content feeds and follow latest news, watch latest deals from online stores or simply stay updated on any topic you like

The best way to follow latest updates in your content feeds – is to use Feeds Reader. It will help you categorize and save your favorite content feeds according to topic, content source or content type. You can read your feeds in any convenient way: only titles, digest of latest news with short description or in full-view format.

The main idea of RSS Ground service is to save your time and efforts in searching, filtering and publishing quality content. Our service can help you highly automate this process.

And we never stand still. We always look for new content sources, new publishing destinations, new automation features.

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