Make Money With One Of The Oldest Marketplaces On The Internet

Someone can probably call ClickBank to be just another affiliate network, but that would be not entirely true. ClickBank is one of the oldest players on this market. Founded back in 1998 it is still a very popular marketplace for product creators and affiliates who aim at making money fast and easy. Most products traded on ClickBank are digital.

ClickBank is famous for its hassle free procedures. You can join ClickBank community for free, being either a vendor or an affiliate. If you are a product owner – add your product to ClickBank database and it will take care of the rest ecommerce part. If you are an affiliate – you can choose any product you like, generate affiliate link and go on making money by promoting it. No need of approval from a vendor, which saves time and efforts.

ClickBank Feeds Generator combines all advantages of ClickBank affiliate platform. You can easily search for any product in any niche, sort search results and generate content feeds with targeted products ready to be added to blogs, websites or social media. ClickBank affiliate feeds are self-updated and will provide you with lists of most recent product offers.

ClickBank Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is the easiest way to start making money online. It can become irreplaceable instrument in your set of online marketing tools and will diverse your online business strategy!

Main features and options:

  • Search in all major ClickBank categories;
  • Use one or several searching keywords at a time;
  • Filter products with higher commission payouts;
  • Find most popular products with a higher gravity index;
  • Automatically embed your ClickBank affiliate ID into product links;
  • ClickBank Tracking ID option for clicks tracking;
  • All ClickBank content feeds are self-updated;

You can use ClickBank product feeds to follow targeted offers and deals for your own needs. Just place your ClickBank feeds to Feeds Reader and watch the most recent updates.

ClickBank feeds can also be used for affiliate blogging. Facebook Poster, Twiter Poster, LinkedIn Poster, WordPress Poster, Blogger Poster and Google Plus Posters will automatically make posts to your blogs and social network accounts with latest offers from ClickBank.

Combine ClickBank affiliate feeds with content feeds from Amazon and eBay for even more intense affiliate marketing. And targeted content from Facebook and YouTube will add more value to your ClickBank product offers.

If you still feel like you need more feeds with relevant content to combine with your ClickBank feeds – use our Public Feeds Generator (General RSS Feeds Genertor) with access to multiple content feeds from various providers.