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Keyword search

Use one or several keywords to search for relevant ClickBank products

Embed affiliate ID

Automatically embed ClickBank affiliate ID into product links to earn commissions

Product types

Search for ClickBank products with one-time or recurring billing type


Use ClickBank tracking ID to track your affiliate links performance

Sort and filter products

Sort and filter ClickBank products by gravity, commission size and other parameters

Self-updating feed

You get self-updating ClickBank feeds with latest listings from ClickBank advertisers related to your search

Why I need ClickBank feeds?

Founded back in 1998 ClickBank is still a very popular marketplace for product creators and affiliates who aim at making money fast and easy. Most products traded on ClickBank are digital. ClickBank is famous for its hassle free procedures. You can join ClickBank community for free.

ClickBank feeds generator from RSS Ground combines all advantages of ClickBank affiliate platform. You can easily search for any product in any niche, sort search results and generate content feeds with targeted products ready to be promoted in blogs, websites or social media.

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How to use ClickBank feeds generator

ClickBank feeds generator is part of RSS Ground - content discovery and sharing service

With our service you can fully automate the process of searching for targeted ClickBank products, following recent updates from ClickBank vendors and scheduled sharing of all updates with your readers and visitors. So here is how it works:

Step 1:

Specify your search keywords, search filters and personal ClickBank affiliate credentials.

Step 2:

Get your private self-updating ClickBank product feed with latest offers from ClickBank vendors.

Step 3:

Use ClickBank feeds in Feeds Reader to follow latest updates or create posting campaigns and content widgets using other RSS Ground tools to promote ClickBank affiliate products in your blogs, websites and social media.

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