Get Latest News, Updates And Alerts From Your Favorite Content Providers.

Every day, every hour, every minute we receive flows of different types of information. It wouldn’t be that bad if with time the amount of information we need to go through is only growing. Filtering, sorting and scanning for needed information is time and efforts consuming. But you can use RSS feeds to targeted information on your topic.

RSS feeds can deliver quality content right from a content provider to end user almost constantly. As soon as new information was published by a content provider it is automatically added to its RSS feed.


Public Feeds Generator provides you with opportunity of getting targeted RSS feeds from various content providers based on your keywords.

You specify your keywords, choose content providers and receive ever updated stream of targeted and quality content in RSS format. To your disposal also a collection of original RSS feeds from various sources already categorized.

Public Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is a unique way to get high quality RSS feeds with targeted ever updated information from various content providers.

Main features and options:

  • Keyword-based public RSS feeds;
  • Category-based public RSS feeds;
  • All public feeds are automatically saved under user account;
  • All public feeds are self-updated;
  • All public feeds can be managed in RSS Reader and other RSS Ground tools;
  • Pubic content feeds generator is free to use!

Public content feeds can be used with Premium feeds from such content providers as YouTube, Facebook and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank and others.

Public content feeds can be a source of targeted information which can be shared on your websites, blogs and social network accounts. Facebook poster, Twitter poster, LinkedIn poster, WordPress poster, Blogger poster and Google Plus poster will give you a hand with automatic updates.

Public RSS feeds can be used in all RSS Ground tools including RSS Reader where you can conveniently organize feeds by categories, content types or sources. Pubic RSS feeds can also be used in Feeds to Code Converter which creates custom content blocks for blogs and websites with self-updated information streams from your RSS feeds.