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How to Keep Up Your Blog Updated When You Are Sick?


It’s not easy for bloggers to take off when they are sick as they have the responsibility of maintaining their blog always. A blogger cannot afford to keep his blog inactive for few days as it affects the site and you might lose loyal readers if they don’t see any activity. Well, but there are few days when you feel just under the ...

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It’s Time To Start Monetising Your Blog!

blog monetising

So, you’ve established a presence on WordPress (or some other blogging platform), you’ve spent months or years posting articles, video clips and images – pouring out your heart on a topic or topics that you know a lot about, and have a great deal of passion for.

But, where’s the money?

Surely, with your level of expertise, you should be raking it in by ...

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Ways to Gain Influence through Blogging


Blogging has quickly become more than a simple method of engaging consumers – it’s now the most important way to engage them! Although social media is frequently touted as the key to digital marketing success, blogs actually hold more power to influence purchases.

Although the full effect has yet to be realized by more traditional organizations, there’s a growing recognition that blogging is ...

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6 Habits Of Successful Bloggers

successful blogger

Whether they blog as a fun hobby, or as a professional business, there are six things that successful bloggers do. These work regardless of which blogging niche you choose to stick with, or even if you decide to keep your content general.

Create an Editorial Planner

Editorial planners and calendars have been used for years in the publishing and marketing world, and play ...

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8 Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

traffic flow

A blog to an SEO professional is a passport to your dedicated backpacker. Not just a handy little addition anymore, but actually an essential part of your vocation.

Despite the time and effort involved in maintaining your blog, you wouldn’t be without it and you know the hard work will pay off. But it will only pay off if you can actually get people to read it.

We’ve shared eight of ...

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