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RSS to Twitter Poster is a special tool for automatic updates of Twitter account with content from RSS feeds. This Twitter application will be useful for those who prefer making Twitter auto posts and those who are involved in Twitter marketing.

This Twitter software is different from the one which can create Twitter RSS feeds. This option is available with keyword based RSS feeds generator which can create RSS feeds from different services supplying RSS readers with fresh and targeted updates on any topic. RSS to Twitter widget from RSS Ground will post to Twitter making updates to any number of Twitter accounts. A user can choose if he wants to auto tweet to all his Twitter accounts or make posts randomly to one of them or to rotate them one by one.

Here is a summary of RSS To Twitter Poster’s features and options:

– RSS to Twitter can work not only with a single RSS feed but with a group of RSS feeds. You can insert a number of RSS feeds from several providers having different types of content and send these diverse updates to your Twitter account.

– RSS to Twitter can make posts to several Twitter accounts simultaneously from the same posting project. You may update a group of Twitter accounts using the same settings or you may set to update specific Twitter account from the list or even set to update them randomly.

– RSS to Twitter can make posts using only fresh items from RSS feeds constantly checking for updates, or take random items, or take them one after another starting with the most fresh one.

– RSS to Twitter Poster makes posts using custom automation system – posts will be made with a random timestamp in order to avoid footprints and look like “human-made posts” but you can still set start and end date of the posting project and set repeat time for posts.

– Every user can create several projects with different settings to have a full control over posting campaigns. All projects can be paused if needed, edited any time or simply removed from the list.

Other features of this Twitter tool are also can be highlighted as rather efficient. For example it is possible to set how many items from RSS feeds to post at a time, whether use only new feeds’ updates or choose a random set of items for posting.

RSS to Twitter application takes a title of RSS feed item and uses it as a text of a tweet. RSS item link is used as URL which is automatically inserted to tweet. Each RSS link can be automatically shortened with any shorten services provided with this auto Twitter widget.

Besides a very flexible posting automation is available with RSS to Twitter Poster. One can set a date and time to start posts, repeat periods and even end date and time. Possibility of creating an unlimited number of projects with unique settings makes add RSS to Twitter process a real fun.

Along with RSS to Twitter Poster everyone is welcome to use RSS to WordPress Poster and RSS to Blogger poster. This set of RSS autoposters provides an opportunity to effectively update several blogs and social network accounts with less efforts implemented. Besides, thanks to RSS feeds, all updates will contain fresh and targeted content which will be very useful for any audience.