Facebook feeds generator

Facebook RSS Feeds Generator is a unique tool which will generate RSS feed of any Facebook fan page. All you need to do is to enter page URL or just page name and receive RSS feed.

This feed will be self-updated and provide you with fresh content as soon as the original Facebook page is updated.

You can also generate feed in Atom format and use it in with any RSS Ground tool or any other third-party scripts.

Here is a summary of Facebook RSS Feeds Generator features and options:

– Generates Facebook page URL in just one click

– Can generate several RSS feeds of several Facebook pages at a time

– Provides RSS and Atom feeds’ formats

Facebook RSS feeds can be used with RSS posters to automatically update Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts or WordPress and Blogger blogs. You can even use RSS feeds of other Facebook pages to automatically update your own Facebook page.

Feeds of Facebook pages can be perfectly used in RSS readers and provide you with fresh and targeted content on any topic you are interested in.

You can read how to operate Facebook RSS feeds Generator in our user manual.