Generate RSS Feeds of Major Facebook Pages With Streams of Targeted Content

Facebook is one of the major sources of content, news and information nowadays. It provides targeted content on any topic, on any subject, on anything you can only imagine. They say you don’t need search engines anymore. All you need is just a Facebook account.

Some people prefer following news and updates other way than in Facebook but still want to get content shared there. Facebook Feeds Generator can give you a hand. It will generate a content feed of any Facebook fan page and you can use it in any content aggregator, reader or other app.

Unlike many other solutions on the Internet with Facebook Feeds Generator you have just two easy steps to get your content feeds: authenticate your Facebook account, specify URLs of fan pages you wish to follow. And you get self-updated content feeds with recent information published on Facebook.

Facebook Feeds Generator from RSS Ground – is a unique tool which has no analogues on the Internet. All Facebook content under your fingertips in just two easy steps.

Main features and options:

  • Generate content feeds of any Facebook fan page;
  • Use fan page URL, name or ID to get its content feed;
  • Generate up to 10 Facebook content feeds at a time;
  • Facebook feeds are self-updated and provide the most recent content;

Facebook content feeds can be used with any RSS Ground content poster to automatically update Twitter and GooglePlus accounts or WordPress and Blogger blogs. You can even use content feeds of other Facebook pages to automatically update your own Facebook page.

Feeds of Facebook pages can be perfectly used in Feeds Reader. Fresh and targeted content on any topic from several sources will always be available on your personal page.

With RSS Ground service you can generate not only targeted Facebook feeds but also relevant feeds from major content providers, including feeds with videos from YouTube. And Feeds with affiliate products from Amazon, eBay, ClickBank and CJ Affiliate can be not only a source of targeted content for you or for your audience but also a good money-making opportunity.