Search For Targeted Videos On Any Topic With YouTube Feeds Generator

Video content is extremely popular on the Internet these days. Video is one of the easiest ways to satisfy needs in information and entertainment. Bloggers and website owners, ecommerce stores and company homepages more and more often use online video to address to their audience.

They say it is better to watch than to read. No wonder that video marketing is the most perspective type of marketing. Video is a favorite instrument in SEO toolkit of every online marketer. We already know success stories about videos gone viral. So why not to use these content management strategies which bring results?

YouTube is a well known video-sharing service which no doubt is #1 in its niche. Music, news, tutorials, stories, product reviews, entertainment and whatever other videos can be found there. Thousands of new videos are added to YouTube and millions of views occur daily. YouTube is a tremendous source of targeted high quality content.

YouTube RSS Feeds Generator will provide you with content feeds with targeted video content on any topic you want. Use just a list of your keywords to get feeds which will be self-updated and provide you with the most recent videos added to YouTube.

YouTube Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is the easiest way to receive targeted high quality content which can be used to update blogs, websites, social network accounts or in any other way.

Main features and options:

  • Generate YouTube content feeds on any topic;

  • Use up to 10 keywords at a time to generate content feeds;

  • Filter feeds with video content by negative keywords;

  • Sort videos by various parameters for more accurate results;

  • YouTube content feeds are self-updated;


YouTube content feeds will be a good solution for your content marketing strategy. Videos can be used as a standalone piece of content or can be combined with other content types such as text, images, graphics. Diverse pieces of content will be appreciated by visitors and followers. YouTube video content can be combined with content from Facebook pages or relevant content from other authority sources.

You can use YouTube feeds for yourself to get latest updates on a given topic. RSS Reader will help you here. Share targeted video content with your followers and readers in social network accounts, blogs and websites. Facebook poster, Twitter poster, LinkedIn poster, WordPress poster, Blogger poster and Google Plus poster will be your next step.

According to experts, video content increases conversion rates and ensures a deeper engagement of potential customers. Mix targeted videos with lists of affiliate products from Amazon, eBay and ClickBank. Don’t miss this money-making opportunity.