Youtube feeds generator

YouTube RSS Feeds Generator is one of the most popular keyword-based RSS Generators in RSS Ground service. No wonder, as it is the best way to generate targeted video content from the list of keywords or by YouTube user names.

Video content is one of the types of content which is in steady demand on the Internet these days. News, tutorials, product reviews, entertainment and so on, can be found on YouTube. And YouTube videos can be a good additions your content strategy and welcomed by your visitors.

More and more videos are added to YouTube every day. It’s a whole ocean of diverse video content. But YouTube RSS feeds won’t let you drown and help you sort all those video by niche or search parameters.

Here is a summary of YouTube RSS Feeds Generator features and options:

– You can search YouTube by categories.

– Filter search results by negative keywords.

– Search YouTube content by user name.

– Filter users’ feeds by keywords or exclude videos based on negative keywords.

– Sort YouTube search results by relevance, views count or by dates.

YouTube RSS Feeds Generator is a powerful keyword-based content generator. You can specify your list of keywords and generate targeted ever updated RSS feeds ready for further processing.

Either you generate RSS feeds by keywords or by user name you have an option of sorting YouTube content by keywords or by relevance, popularity or date of publication.

After you have your YouTube RSS feeds generated you can use our RSS Feeds to Code Converter or RSS to Wordspress, RSS to Blogger, RSS to Facebook, RSS to Twitter, RSS to LinkedIn and RSS to Google+ posters.

See what YouTube RSS Feeds Generator is all about in this YouTube RSS Feeds Generator manual.