Start Your Revenue Engines With CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate formerly known as Commission Junction is an online advertising company now owned and operated by Conversant, Inc. It inherited all previous Commission Junction functionality and product database.

Whether you are looking to make money online by monetizing your website or want to grow your existing affiliate business CJ Affiliate platform can be a good choice.

CJ Affiliate provides publishers like you with a platform to join the best affiliate programs. They uphold the highest network quality standards, allowing both advertisers and publishers to make good choices for lucrative and equitable partnerships.

CJ Affiliate Feeds Generator from RSS Ground is a handy tool for generating content feeds with products from any CJ Affiliate advertiser or create a quality list of targeted advertisers.

Main features and options:

  • Generate product feed of any CJ Affiliate publisher;
  • Generate product feed of active advertises from your CJ Affiliate account;
  • Filter each product feed by a list of keywords;
  • Create a list of targeted CJ Affiliate advertisers;
  • Sort products in product feeds by price, title, manufacturer or other parameters;
  • All CJ Affiliate product feeds are self-updated;

CJ Affiliate product feeds can be a good piece of relevant content for your websites, blogs and social network accounts. Facebook poster, Twitter poster, WordPress poster, Blogger poster, Google Plus poster and LinkedIn poster, will give you a hand with automatic updates.

CJ Affiliate products can be used as special offers with products related to any topic or niche you are interested in. Combine CJ Affiliate feeds with content feeds from Facebook, YouTube or any Public feeds to add more value to content you publish.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing you can combine CJ Affiliate feeds with feeds with affiliate products from eBay, ClickBank and Amazon. This may multiply your commercial effect.

CJ Affiliate content feeds can be used not only to make money by promoting affiliate products for fair commissions. They can be used for personal needs and help you following latest offers from your favorite advertizers. Feeds Reader is the best tool for this.