RSS reader is a personal webpage which keeps and displays news and updates from your favorite content providers. This service will help you saving time and getting rid of endless visits of multiple websites, blogs and social networks.

RSS reader will organize RSS feeds with targeted content strings using categories. These categories can be easily added, renamed, drag-and-dropped. You can use categories to organize your news and updates by content type or by content provider.

RSS feeds with your targeted content will be always up to date and provide you with all recent news and updates. Whenever you want to learn “what’s up” you just need to visit your single RSS reader page.

Here is a summary of RSS Reader features and options:

– All your news and updates displayed on a single webpage

– All content is organized by categories

– Easy add-drag-remove features to optimize content flows

– Can be viewed from mobile device

– Choice of display mode: titles only, magazine stile, full content

– It is free!

You can use any RSS or Atom feeds of any website or blog in RSS reader. Also you can generate RSS feeds and add them to your RSS reader page from any of our RSS Generators: General RSS generator, affiliate products feeds of Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ, lists of videos from YouTube RSS Feeds Generator, RSS feeds of Facebook pages.

RSS reader can be used from mobile devices and with three custom view modes: titles only, magazine style and full content view. Create your own user experience using RSS Reader from RSS Ground!

Read user guide to learn more about RSS reader from RSS Ground.