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Read searched and generated in RSS Ground content feeds from your favorite providers

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Create categories for your feeds depending on content type, source or content topic

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Preview feeds in any convenient format: titles only, digest or full article

Why I need Feeds Reader?

Content feeds are conveniently structured self-updating files with fresh quality information from a particular content provider. They save your time and efforts in searching for targeted information or latest updates. To read content feeds you need Feeds Reader – online tool which displays content from content feeds.

Feeds Reader from RSS Ground will help you to conveniently store all your content feeds by categories, topics or sources and read them in any comfortable format on your choice: titles only, digest or full view.

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How to use Feeds Reader

Feeds Reader is part of RSS Ground - content discovery and sharing service

With our service you can fully automate the process of searching for targeted high-quality content feeds, following recent updates in discovered feeds and scheduled sharing of these updates with your friends, readers and visitors. So here is how it works:

Step 1:

Get some public or private feeds with content that you are interested in (sources that you are interested in).  Add them to your Feeds Reader.

Step 2:

Categorize your content feeds according to content topic, content source or content type.

Step 3:

Regularly check Feeds Reader for latest updates in your content feeds.

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Everything you need is under one roof

Are you still paying for a bunch of services such as Feedly, Buffer,, twibble, Fetchrss or similar?


RSS Ground lets you organize all your content management activities in one place, so you (or your team) can focus on one important thing:


It’s like hiring a team of content managers for a fraction of the cost. We let you work with 4 main areas of content marketing:

Content Discovery

Content Sharing

Content Curation

Content Display

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