Datafeed to RSS converter

Datafeed to RSS Converter from RSS Ground is a remarkable RSS tool no matching any other RSS makers. This RSS widget can create valid RSS feeds out from affiliate datafeeds using numerous custom settings.
To convert data feed to RSS you just need a standard product feeds from any online merchant saved in TXT or CSV format like from Commission Junction.

To convert to RSS it doesn’t matter how many rows and columns product feed contains. You will be able to choose only needed ones to include into RSS feed. All important elements can be used in RSS: product name, buy URL, product image, product description, price and many others.

Here is a summary of Datafeed To RSS Converter’s features and options:

– Converts any ecommerce products datafeed in CSV or TXT format into a valid, self updated RSS feed.

– Advanced data parser that is capable of autodetecting data delimiter or go by custom delimiter specified by you.

– You can specify precisely which data fields to include in your RSS feed and where. Unlimited number of data fields can be assigned for up to 25 RSS feed fields.

– Select your custom product information layout: image left/up location, etc.

– Ability to edit RSS description layout HTML! Extremely powerful feature! Using special tags create your own unique product display templates!

– Add built-in or custom “BUY NOW” buttons to your products in a snap.

– Specify / limit a number of products in your rss feed.

– Advance filter to narrow down the products by matching or exluding keywords in titles or descriptions.
Ability to include products only within the specific price range.

– Each “BUY NOW” link will contain your affiliate ID! Affiliate IDs or any other parts of the link can be easily modified with “Search & Replace” function.

Since Datafeed to RSS Converter is supposed to work with affiliate data feeds a user will be able to automatically add his/her affiliate ID into RSS links. Besides, several other editing and filtering features can be used: filter products by keywords, set a price range, set a number of products per feed, add “Buy now” button and many more.

Data feed to RSS Converter is one of the huge range of RSS tools and RSS widgets available with RSS Ground. Datafeed content can be combined with content from news RSS feeds, articles RSS feeds, media content RSS feeds and other affiliate RSS feeds.

RSS Ground provides decent RSS software for website builders and bloggers in order to make it more efficient the way they create, update and market their websites and blogs, plus making it extremely easy to monetize RSS content. RSS feeds generators, RSS feeds converters ad RSS posters are ready to help newbie and savvy online marketers and webmasters.

To find out how to convert to RSS any product feed see this Datafeed to RSS Converter user manual.