RSS to Facebook Poster from RSS Ground will help automatically update Facebook account with targeted content from various RSS providers.

Unlike any other Facebook posters it is integrated into a powerful system where each user can generate keyword based RSS feeds and easily set them to make wall posts for Facebook.

Any kind of RSS feeds including news RSS feeds, articles RSS feeds, affiliate RSS feeds, RSS feeds with picture and videos can be used for Facebook auto update.

Here is a summary of RSS to Facebook Poster features and options:

– Posts any types of RSS feeds (news RSS feeds, articles RSS feeds, affiliate RSS feeds, RSS feeds with picture and videos) from any RSS content provider.

– Makes posts not only to user’s own timeline but also to a timelines user has administrator rights to.

– Can update several timelines (pages) at a time.

– Can simultaneously make posts to different Facebook accounts.

– Flexible settings will let a user to set how many posts to make at a time and how often should the posts be made.

– Provides viral promotion effect by displaying content on the wall of all followers and friends.

Facebook tool from RSS Ground can be called not only a wall poster but a Facebook page poster as it can send content to any Facebook pages a user has administrator rights to. Several pages can be updated simultaneously.

Automatic Facebook poster provides a good SEO effect because as soon as post is made to a user timeline or a timeline of any page it appears on walls of all followers and friends. This is similar to a viral effect when information is spread from one to another through multiple connections.

Facebook poster takes only an item link from RSS feeds and sends it to Facebook timeline. In its turn Facebook places it to user wall providing with a small description snippet and an image pulled from the targeted webpage.

It all looks like a natural Facebook wall posts and will help sharing targeted content with all followers and friends.

Facebook auto update feature can be set to post a specific number of news, articles and featured products at a time. Very flexible project automation option is also provided. Any user can set several projects to update his own Facebook timeline or timeline of any Faceboof page with any number of RSS feeds from several providers.

Facebook autoposter will not only help you sharing the latest information on your topic but will save you tons of time avoiding updating each page manually.

To find detailed information on this RSS tool, please read RSS to Facebook Poster user manual.