Feeds to code converter

RSS converter utilizes RSS to PHP, RSS to HTML and RSS to JavaScript technologies, making it very simple to place RSS feeds into websites and blogs. Since RSS content is ever fresh and self-updated websites and blogs with RSS code will always provide most recent and targeted information to visitors.

Any kind of RSS feeds can be used in RSS Feed Converter: news RSS feeds, articles RSS feeds, media content RSS feeds, keyword based RSS feeds, category based RSS feeds or any other niche RSS feeds. a no match RSS software integrated into RSS Ground service. It can work with several feeds at a time.

Here is a summary RSS Feeds To Code Converter’s features and options:

– You can convert RSS feeds into the following formats: JavaScript, HTML or PHP.

– Multiple RSS feeds from various providers can be converted into a single content block thus creating absolutely original targeted content that is even self updated.

– With “Advanced Formatting” you can customize complete look & feel of your RSS content block.

– You can specify the number of items to be shown within rss content block, its dimensions and colors and font styles.

– You can add any additional HTML code to RSS content block and even to separate elements of RSS item.

– All code snippets are saved in your account and can be easily edited at any time.

Not only feeds for website generated in RSS Ground can be used here. Once you have a list of RSS feeds from any third party RSS directories or other RSS widgets you will be OK with RSS Feeds Converter. But to make sure you have best RSS feeds you are recommended to use keyword based or category based RSS feeds Generator from RSS Ground. There you will find the most popular RSS feeds all over the Internet.

RSS Converter is a powerful RSS software which will help you creating attractive content blocks providing various editing features. In this RSS widget you will be able to set the number of items to show, edit look and feel, add any custom code, rotate the order of RSS item elements and even hide not necessary elements. With this RSS tool you are doomed to create attractive content blocks with diverse information from your best RSS feeds.

RSS feed Converter will allow not only creating RSS code blocks but to edit them at any time you need. For example when you wish to add more RSS feeds to website or change the design, just find your code snippet in saves and press “edit”. For RSS to PHP and RSS to JavaScript feeds you even won’t need to replace them on the website or blog. All changes will be made automatically.

For better SEO effect it is recommended to convert RSS feed to PHP. However RSS feed to HTML or RSS to Javascript converting has its own advantages. For example it will not effect that much on a page rank since all links will be “no follow”.

To sum up, RSS Feed Converter is a huge help for webmasters and bloggers for it helps utilizing RSS content for their convenience and efficiency. In no time quality content blocks are ready to be inserted into website or blog with no further need of updating them manually.

Read this RSS Feeds to Code Converter user manual for detailed information on this RSS tool.