Let DALL-E AI draw images for your posts

A good blog post or an article requires good illustrative images. And if you don’t have them prepared or don’t want to waste your time searching for royalty free images, try DALL-E – a neural network-based artificial intelligence system created by OpenAI that is capable of generating images from textual descriptions.


Click on the OpenAI assistant option when you create a new personal feed post.

Then under “Select content type” pick DALL-E image to have a unique image drawn based on your prompt inad inserted into your post. (Read more).

Read about obtaining OpenAI API key

In both cases, with text or image assistant, you need an effective prompt to generate a quality response.

Read our user guide about writing effective prompts.


We also would like to remind you that when using OpenAI assistants, you must abide by certain guidelines. Offensive language, hate speech, spamming, harassment, bullying, and sharing personal information are all strictly prohibited.

OpenAI assistants are currently in beta. We will appreciate your feedback with use cases and suggestions. This will help us to make it even more effective!

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