RSS Ground Changelog May 2021

We are glad to share our latest service updates with you. Some will require your closer attention, but others will just make you feel excited.

Custom Categories In eBay Feeds Generator

Now Custom category ID option is available for all eBay marketplaces. Find this option in the list with basic eBay categories.

You can use an eBay category ID lookup service to find a specific category ID. Pay attention, the same categories may have different IDs for different eBay marketplaces.

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eBay Links On Facebook Recent Issue

Several days ago, eBay Partner Network reported an issue with EPN links.

We have developed an update which will automatically append eBay links with appropriate parameter when they are posted to Facebook via your posting campaigns in RSS Ground.

No further action is required on your end! 

Read more about the issue and the fix

RSS Ground Affiliate Program update

We have updated our Affiliate Program.

Now you don’t have to be an RSS Ground member to participate in the Affiliate Program. Anyone can register for affiliate program alone.

Also, we have improved affiliate commission rates. All affiliates start with a 30%  commissions rate. It increases to 50% commission rate after attracting 50 new members (versus 100 referrals before).

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Instagram is about to be launched

Instagram Poster is almost done. It is under final testing at the moment.

We plan to release it next week.

Several decent posting campaign updates will come along.

Stay tuned!

Stay on top with RSS Ground!

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service effective and easy to use to help you automate your content management and marketing efforts. That’s why we strongly need your ideas and suggestions to keep improving it. Don’t hesitate to vote for upcoming tools and features or contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions . 

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