Meet Brand New Instagram Poster


We are glad to introduce our brand new automated Instagram Poster!  Instagram is a very popular social network that allows you to attract more visitors and customers with your marketing campaigns.

You can now send images from your favorite content feeds to your Instagram accounts. 
Read: Instagram Poster user guide
Please note, that you are able to make posts only to Instagram accounts connected with your Facebook pages. Read: how to connect Facebook page and Instagram account.

Facebook only allows 25 posts to one Instagram account per day. Please, keep this in mind when you create your posting campaigns. 
Read: Instagram Poser F.A.Qs.


Together with new Instagram Poster, we are introducing our new Instagram account. Join our Instagram community and follow all the latest service updates there. 

And yes, we do use our own tools.  Our Instagram account is updated automatically by our new Instagram Poster by grabbing and posting our blog posts from our blog RSS Feed.  



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