RSS Ground Changelog January 2020

Winter is outside, but it is pretty hot in our labs.  We have prepared several good updates for you this January. Please enjoy and get ready for more!

Content Recycle

As you know, the main idea of RSS Ground posting services is gradual updates with unique content. Our posting campaigns functionality is built to ensure your blogs and social network accounts are constantly updated with fresh content. But sometimes, re-posting already posted content may have a rationale.

According to multiple requests, we have developed an option allowing re-posts – Content Recycling. It can be found and activated in your posting campaigns under Advance settings.

Read more about post recycle.

Content Feed Preview

Another great feature is already there – Feeds Preview! The way it worked before, you had to generate your feed, go to Feeds Box to preview it to make sure it was OK, and if not, go back to editing.  Jumping back and forth.

Now every time you generate a new feed or edit an existing feed, you can use Preview button to check the quality and quantity of content in your feed. If you are not satisfied, just use different keyword or filters and then Preview again. And only when you are sure this is what you need, click on “Generate” button.

Official RSS Ground Plugin for WordPress

We have already announced the release of our own RSS ground plugin for WordPress. This plugin ensures the connection between RSS Ground and your blog. We recommend using this plugin even if you don’t have any problems with authentication of your blogs in posting campaigns.

The plugin was officially added to WordPress directory. You can search for “RSS Ground” to find and install the plugin. 

Learn how to use RSS Ground plugin for WordPress

Stay on top with RSS Ground!

We continue our development process and are starting one of the main projects for this year – Personal Feeds.

Personal Feeds functionality will allow you to create feeds with your own content (kind of like writing your own blog). You also will be able to add items from any other feeds into your personal feeds.

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service effective and easy to use to help you automate your content management and content marketing efforts. That’s why we strongly need your ideas and suggestions to keep improving it. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions. 

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