New Feature Released – Content Recycling

This is the first release note in 2020. And we are glad to introduce a new feature for our automated content posters – CONTENT RECYCLING.

As you know, the main idea of RSS Ground posting services is gradual updates with unique content. Our posting campaigns functionality is built to ensure your blogs and social network accounts are constantly updated with fresh content. Once the feed’s item is posted it will never be posted again within the same posting campaign.

Content recycling will allow you to re-post content that was already posted.

Why and how

We have received numerous requests for this feature from affiliate marketers. They want to use this feature to post and re-post affiliate product offers to their blogs and social network pages. If you work with affiliate product feeds, it is a bit of different type of content marketing. And re-posting of already posted items repeatedly can be a useful function here.

Another use-case is when you have a static or not so often updated content feed. You can use “recycling” feature to re-post former posts just to keep your posting process alive until fresh content appears. And as soon as new items appear in your feed, they will be considered as priority for posting.

But we still recommend using this feature very carefully, particularly with posting to social networks. They don’t like duplicate content, especially when it is posted too often.

We have restricted “recycling” feature by the number of cycles. Same item cannot be re-posted more than 5 times.

You can find “Enable recycling” option in Advanced settings of your posting campaigns. Use checkmark to activate it, and then set a number of cycles.

We hope this new feature helps you with your automated posts to blogs and social networks. However, don’t forget, using fresh content for your posts is so much better! Fortunately, we have a whole arsenal of content feed generators as well as huge directory of public feeds, and more are coming!

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