Improved Photo And Video Posting To Facebook Pages And Groups.

No doubt, media content is very important  when it comes to updating your blogs and social network pages. We totally understand that and constantly improve images and videos processing, either in content feeds or posting campaigns. Today we are glad to introduce one of the latest updates to our Facebook Poster, which improves posting images and videos to Facebook pages and groups.

Before, when you made a post to your Facebook, only one image (photo) was attached to it. Now, if there are several images associated with feed’s item, all of them will be attached to your Facebook post.

We are also able to upload your videos to Facebook pages and groups now. However, Facebook doesn’t allow attachment of several videos to the same post. And for now, if there are several videos associated with the same feed’s item, only one will be posted. 

Sometimes feeds have items containing both images and videos. Again, according to Facebook rules, we can’t attach images and videos together to the same post. In this case we will be creating two posts, one with all images attached, and another one with a single video. 

To activate this new option that allows to post images and videos, go to Advanced settings of your Facebook posting campaigns and activate “Use item’s images and videos” option.

After this update, you have almost full control over all main content elements that are posted to Facebook: item’s title, description, custom tags, custom text, item’s link and media content (images and videos). Here is an example of a Facebook post with all elements included:

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