Why Is Instagram Content So Important?

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t know what Instagram is. And you can barely find internet marketers who don’t use Instagram in their marketing campaigns. Instagram is very popular and some even think that it will overtake Facebook. Actually, Facebook and Instagram are now closely collaborated, which only strengthens both of them. 

Let’s look further into the figures about Instagram to understand its place in today’s society:

Popularity (source):

  • 1 billion monthly active users;
  • 8 million business profiles (other sources – up to 25 million);
  • 95+ million daily posts;
  • 35% of US adults use Instagram.

Influence (source):

  • 53% of users were inspired by Instagram posts in choosing holiday travel;
  • 43% of users at least once visited an event announced or promoted via Instagram;
  • 48% of users have tried a lifehack or a new workout found on Instagram;
  • 60% of users have visited a restaurant or cafe being assured by a review read on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

It is well-known that images are the most popular source of content along with videos. Visual content is what we really love and prefer. Images and videos is the main essence of Instagram. It’s built around users’ ability to share their recent photos and videos shot on their smartphones.

Nearly all types of information can be found on Instagram: favorite places, favorite people,  pets, flowers, goods and products review, tips and hints, anything you can imagine. Instagram’s main idea is to bring the most useful information in the most convenient way as fast as possible.

Instagram possess all the main advantages of microblogging: conciseness and pithiness like Twitter, accessibility, and sociality like Facebook. Simply remember how many times you wished to capture an extraordinary moment or experience from your everyday life and immediately share it with your friends. This what Instagram is for.

Why do you need Instagram content?

We can look at Instagram not just like at a great opportunity to share our latest news, but also as a tremendous source of quality content. Instagram can help you stay relevant in any topic, in any niche and in any aspect of your life.

Here is 5 main reasons why you should consider Instagram content:

  1. Media content is very popular. Once again, media content is a bread and butter of any content strategy. And Instagram is all about images and videos;
  2. Instagram is full of influencers and brands. All major business and celebrities have their Instagram profile which is regularly updated. Having an Instagram profile is the new “industry standard” now.
  3. Instagram content is considered to be of high quality and engaging. In order to gain popularity among followers many users and companies put sufficient efforts to produce decent pieces of content, regularly.
  4. Instagram content is very original. Instagram individual users are also very creative. Instagram, in its turn, provides lots of content editing features;
  5. Instagram is dynamically updated. You can be sure that at any moment of time you can find fresh posted content.

Ready to meet Instagram in RSS Ground?

Today it is hard to imagine the online community without Instagram. The same way it is hard to imagine a content discovery and sharing service, like RSS Ground, without an Instagram tool.   

We are almost done with a new Instagram tool. And we can’t wait to tell you that our Instagram Feeds generator is almost ready. We will offer our users the opportunity to generate self-updating feeds with Instagram posts from their own Instagram profiles, with posts of other Instagram users, and with recent Instagram posts tagged with a specific hashtag.

Instagram Feeds generator will be released very soon, please stay tuned and follow our updates.

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