RSS Ground Changelog February 2019

We have several amazing updates added to the service last month. These updates concern both content posting and content searching tools. Below is the list of updates for the month of February:

New WordPress and Blogger Posters

We have completed the renovation of our main tools interfaces.

We have improved and unified layouts across all of our content generators and posters. Last, but not the least, WordPress and Blogger posters were updated.

Now, the process to setup automated posting campaigns is much more simple and intuitive.

Note: All of your existing and active WordPress and Blogger posting campaigns will keep running. But they  will be switched to Full Single Item post layout.

Read more about automated blog posters

CJ Affiliate Access Token Update

CJ Affiliate platform has updated its authentication process. They have deprecated Developer Keys and introduced new Personal Access Tokens.

Now you need to login to your CJ affiliate account, go to Personal Access Tokens page, and generate your personal token. Then you have to use this token to generate your CJ Affiliate feeds. Find “Personal Access Token” field in Basic settings.

Note: Your previously generated CJ Affiliate Feeds may have stopped working. You have to generate new CJ Affiliate feeds to replace them. If you already have plenty of CJ Affiliate feeds you can contact our support team and ask to automatically replace your old Developer Key with new Personal Access Token.

Read more about CJ Affiliate Feeds

Google News Feeds Localization

With a new update for Keyword Based Feeds generator, you can now generate Google news feeds based on your language and location.

Now when you choose Google News as a source for your keyword based feeds you will see a new option “Google News language and region”

Learn more about Keyword Based Feeds

New Amazon Feeds Locations and Requests Limits

We have added new locations for Amazon affiliate feeds. Now you will be able to generate feeds with products from Amazon Australia and Amazon Turkey local stores.

You can find Location option in Advanced settings

Important: We also advise you to read about new Amazon requests limits introduced on January 23, 2019. Amazon encourages you to generate more sales to have access to its Product Advertising API. Some of your Amazon feeds may have stopped working because of the new limits.

Learn more about Amazon Feeds

Google Plus Poster is removed

Google has officially announced about the closure of its personal user part of Google+ social network. The reason for this decision was, among others, security risks. Read more…

We now officially say “GoogBye” to Google Plus Poster in RSS Ground. All user campaigns and associated data will be removed from our servers.

Google plans to keep Google Plus as a social network for businesses. We will keep an eye on how things develop around this and will be ready to develop a new tool to work with modified Google social network if possible.

Please enjoy!

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service easy to use and effective tool to help you automate your content management and content marketing efforts. That’s why we strongly need your ideas and suggestions to make it better and better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions. 

And remember – we are always here to help and assist.

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