Meet New Automated WordPress and Blogger Posters


We have finally completed the renovation of our tools interfaces. Improved and unified layouts across all of our content generators and posters. And today it’s time to introduce updated WordPress and Blogger posters. These brand new content sharing tools will make a process of automated blog posting work like a charm.

WordPress Poster User Guide (updated)
Blogger Poster User Guide (updated)

What's New in Renovated WordPress and Blogger Posters:

Basic and advanced settings

Just like in our social media posters, WordPress and Blogger posters have two groups of settings: Basic and Advanced.

Only Basic settings are mandatory, where Advanced settings – are optional.

If you don’t need any advanced tweaking of your content, you can setup your posting campaign in less than a minute. Just authenticate your blog, select author and category, set posting time interval  and you are done!

On the other hand, if you’re up for a challenge, advanced settings can further fine-tune your posting campaigns with various options.

Advanced Posts Layouts

Tiles Only Post Layout
Digest post layout
Full Single Post Layout

We have revised our existing approach to wordpress post layout. It used to be too complicated and excessive.

Now you can just pick and use one of the 3 post layouts. All layouts are fully compatible with almost every existing wordpress theme.

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, your can further tweak the layouts to your precise needs.

We have a separate user guide on how to edit layout templates.

This option can be found  in “Advanced settings” of the poster tool.

Append links

Same as in our social media posters, WordPress and Blogger posters now have “Append post link” feature.

With this option you can append any tag or parameter to source links in your posted content.

This can be affiliate IDs, tracking ids, Google UTM tags or anything else. 

You can append not only link parameters, but also link fragments (#your_fragment).

Find this option in “Advanced settings”.

Post tags (labels)

We all know how important post tags are. Tags are targeted keywords which allow search engines to better index your content and your blog readers better navigate related posts in your blog.

Now you can add up to 10 tags to your posting campaigns. They will be automatically added to each post.

P.S. A little secret: We  have plans to improve this option by allowing users to create a pool of tags and allow a random set of tags to be added to posts from that pool.

This is also an advanced feature.

Featured image for WordPress posts

One of the most challenging and unique options added with this update was  automatic featured image setting for WordPress posts.

Featured image (thumbnail) is a very important element of any  blog design.

Before it was impossible to automatically set featured images without the help of additional plugins.  But now RSS Ground is able to do it!


Find this unique feature in “Advanced settings”.

Legacy options

Some WordPress and Blogger options and features were deprecated, some of them are now part of the advanced post layout feature. But you can still use some of the most popular and highly advanced options from the previous version of blog posters.

Keywords filters – you can set to filter content from your feeds by positive or negative keywords. 

Content before/after post – this option allows you to append your blog posts with additional content – before or after  post body.  You can use HTML, Javascript or just plain text.

Please enjoy!

P.S. All your existing and activated WordPress and Blogger posting campaigns will keep running. But they are switched to Full Single Item post layout. To use other post layouts and activate other advanced posting options, please update your blog posting campaigns.

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