Posting Campaigns Major Interface Update

We are excited to introduce posting campaign editor’s new interface. All changes are based on your notes and suggestions. 

Now a posting campaign editor has 3 main sections: Content, Posting and Automation. 

In the Content section you add your content feeds. Advanced settings will fine tune the algorithm of selecting  content from your feeds for the next post.

We have also added a new exciting feature where you can add feeds to the posting campaign from your Feeds Box without leaving the editor. Use “Add content” option for that.

In the Posting section you authenticate your blog, or social media profile (user account) and specify posting destination (page, group, channel, blog). And advanced settings will help you customize your posts.

In the Automation section you set your posting campaign timing: how often your posting campaign should make posts. Advanced automation settings allows to implement a more flexible schedule of running your posting campaign.

Since posting campaign settings may differ depending on the posting destination, please find their detailed description in user manuals.

You may notice that we have changed the order of the options in our main navigation menu. Nothing else was critically changed here.

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