How to Use RSS Feeds for Content Marketing

RSS Content Marketing

To begin with we probably need to determine what content marketing is. Generally speaking “content marketing” is a practice of using relevant content to achieve marketing goals. Marketing goals can be defined as promotion or sales, it actually depend on what type of product or service you offer. We will talk about this later. First of all let’s pay closer attention to “relevant content” part.

Relevant content is an information of any type closely connected to the essence of your product or service. You can create such content yourself or you can use third party syndicated content. We have to emphasize “syndicated” meaning permitted for reuse, since using someone’s else content without a permission is a violation of a copyright law.

And here we mean RSS feeds. RSS feed is a funnel of diverse high quality content syndicated by content providers and neatly organized in self-updated streams of information. Each part of the definition of what RSS feed is sounds like a good solution for content marketing: diverse content, high quality content, syndicated content, neatly organized content, self-updated stream of content. Looks like RSS is a perfect technology for any content marketing strategy.

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So, how can RSS feeds help in content marketing?

RSS is a way to get fresh updates instantly

RSS feed is a wonderful way in which content provider delivers content to end users. All you need to do is to have a link to RSS feed. As soon as content provider publishes any update you instantly see it in its website RSS feed. Instantly means you don’t waste time to go to content provider website and search for recent updates. The same way you can follow recent updates in blogs, newslines, social network pages, products lists.

Having this high quality and fresh content you can deliver it to your readers and followers. As soon as you see any updates in RSS feeds you share them with your audience. Here is simple formula that works: more targeted content you provide – more targeted traffic you receive; more updates you share – more readers become your loyal followers.

RSS is a way to get content from different sources simultaneously

Now we know that with a help of RSS you can save your time in following latest updates from your content provider. And if you have several content providers you can only imagine how much time you can save and reveal for other content management activities.

Different content providers can cover your topic from different angles and in different manners. You can use diverse content from various sources together to reveal your topic in all aspects. You can even think on different segments of your audience and provide each segment with content from specific sources. Ultimately your audience will only grow.

RSS is a way to get content of different types

Different content sources also mean different content types. Many people like reading, but most of them like watching and there are lots of people who like listening. Give them this chance. Mix up different types of content or create a separate category for each type of content you receive from RSS feeds.

RSS feeds can equally easily deliver texts, videos, images, podcasts, in other words – any type of content. Different types of content will make your content strategy look diverse and versatile. And again your readers will love it as much as search engines.

RSS is a way to build authority with your readers

When you post different types of fresh and quality content from several sources on regular basis you definitely get credibility with your readers. You can even become an expert in your niche if you concentrate all possible information on the topic in your website, blog or social network page.

Being an expert will help you create a community of people who trust you and ready to follow your advice. This will give you an advantage in your marketing campaign since your loyal readers can be easily converted into valuable customers.

RSS is a way to make money using targeted content

We now come back to marketing goals which have been mentioned at the very beginning of our analysis. What are the ways of getting profits from RSS content marketing campaign:

Main product/service content campaign. You can launch a content campaign in support of your main product or service. Its purpose is to engage visitors, make them feel more confidently about your product, reveal its benefits.

Niche websites. If you like blogging or have skills for creating websites then you have an opportunity to sell them. For example you can create a niche website or blog with nice design and fill it with relevant content or even set to constantly update it with relevant content from RSS feeds. This quality content self-updated website can be of more value to your customer and bring more profit to you.

Ecommerce. Another way of using your blogging or webmastering skills is to create a website and use it yourself. For example use it as an online store. Fill it with affiliate products and receive your share of affiliate commissions. By the way, there are tons of ecommerce solutions which will help you with creating your online store, so you don’t even have to be a programmer or developer to manage it.

Email marketing. Another popular way of making money online is email marketing. First you create a list of prospects. These can be your website visitors, followers, readers. You can attract them with quality content with a help of RSS feeds. Then you email them your hand picked offers. That can be either your own products, affiliate products or both.

Ads. Probably the easiest way to earn money online is to use context ads. You run your blog, microblog or website. Add relevant content again using fresh content from RSS feeds. And you add context ads into pages. Those who search the internet for targeted content will end up on your webpage and will see relevant ad served by advertising networks like Google AdSense. When they click the ad, you make money. Banner ads and other types of on page advertisements are still popular and can bring your extra cash.


RSS feeds are the perfect solution for any content marketing campaign. They provide you with targeted high quality content syndicated from popular content providers. RSS feeds are self-updated and instantly deliver fresh information to end users. Different types of content can be delivered with a help of RSS feeds which will be appreciated by visitors and noticed by search engines. Content delivered by RSS feeds can be a good ground for money-making strategies.

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