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How to Use RSS Feeds for Content Marketing

RSS Content Marketing

To begin with we probably need to determine what content marketing is. Generally speaking “content marketing” is a practice of using relevant content to achieve marketing goals. Marketing goals can be defined as promotion or sales, it actually depend of what type of product or service you offer. We will talk about this later. First of all ...

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Content Marketing 101: How to Use your Content Wisely

use content wisely

Making the most of your content marketing means taking the time to use it wisely so you can reach your desired outcome. Without careful planning, you won’t attract followers, encourage people to subscribe or increase your conversion rate. In fact, you’ll find that achieving your marketing and sales goals is difficult, and you’ll be wasting your time as a result.

We know the pain of spending time and resources on ...

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How to Curate Content Properly

content curation

There are three Cs that every content marketer must know – create, curate and collaborate. Although it appears the easiest, of all three, content curation can be considered as the most challenging. Content creation is the process of helping your target audience find the best possible content online. Do it wrong from the foundation and it will end up in shambles.

Even you ...

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How Content on Its Own Brings Traffic, Links, and Leads.

content links leads

I have been publishing Websites since August 1996. Although I have worked at improving visibility for sites through all those years, I have never seen content fail to bring traffic, links, and leads. I have even watched spam blogs drive traffic, links, and leads.

When Web marketers smugly tell you that just publishing content does not achieve anything, I know they have ...

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A Guide To Generating Great Website Content Ideas

blog content

One of the most valuable assets a company can own in today’s economy is truly great written content on their website!

I know… you may think that sounds a bit over-exaggerated… even crazy, right? You may be one of those people who think that website content is just something you use to “feed Google” the same way you might offer a grizzly bear ...

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