Thank You, Dear Friends!

We sincerely thank you for your contribution to the development of the service. We appreciate your feedback and cooperation.

Season 2019 is coming to its end. And it is time to summarize what was done. This year we launched a survey in order to better understand your wishes and expectations. We thank you for your contribution to our service development, for your cooperation and feedback! The charts below show the most required tools and features according to the survey:

Votes for new tools (%)
Votes for new features (%)

And here is what's already been done:

New Twitter Feeds generator

With new Twitter Feeds generator, you are be able to search for tweets not only be keywords but also by usernames. You can use various content filters to achieve higher quality search results and generate Twitter feeds with targeted content. Read more

New Pinterest, Vimeo and iTunes feeds generators 

Pinterest, Vimeo and iTunes – are new sources of high-quality content for your posting campaigns, content widgets, and Feeds Reader. You can generate feeds with recent pins, fresh videos and latest media content simply by using your keywords. Read more

New Shopify Feeds Generator

With new Shopify Feeds generator you can generate self-updating content feeds with products from your own Shopify store or posts from your Shopify blog. And if you don’t have a Shopify store, you can still generate feeds with products or blog posts from absolutely any other Shopify store you like. Read more

Edit private feeds

Now in your Feeds Box you can change feed’s titles, add tags to your feeds, and, most remarkably, you can edit feeds’ settings. Simply click edit icon in Feeds Box and change your content feed filters and settings. Also, feeds search in your Feeds Box works much much better now. Read more

Advanced hashtags

A lot of you, our users, have voted in our survey for advanced hashtags feature in RSS Ground automated posters. And we have finally implemented it. So, right now instead of using same hashtags over and over again in each post  you can specify a pool of hashtags, and random hashtags from your pool will be added with each post. Read more

Here is what's planned for the near future

Post recycle

In RSS Ground automated posters we use an advanced system which avoids posting duplicate content. Your posting campaign by default will not post the same content over again. With “Post recycle” option you will be able to re-post same content multiple times. This option is especially  useful for affiliate marketing and products feeds posting.

Feeds preview

We have already implemented feeds editing feature. But now we plan to go even further, and add an option to allow you to preview feed’s content before you generate it.  This will make the process of feeds generation much more efficient. 

Shopify Poster

Many of you voted for Shopify feeds generator that was already added to our arsenal of content sources. And now we about to develop a brand new Shopify poster. Shopify poster will make automated posts to Shopify blogs and add products from affiliate feeds to your Shopify stores.

However we need your opinion on this tool, and invite you to take part in our NEW SURVEY.

Our major plans for the next season

Personal feeds

Personal feeds is a completely new approach in feeds generation. This new functionality will allow you to compose content feeds by yourself. You will be able to add items from any other feeds in your Feeds Box or Feeds Reader to your personal feeds as well as create your own items with unique title, body and media. Personal feeds will have their own web layout which will make it possible to preview them in any browser. Actually, personal feed will look like a regular webpage which can be easily indexed by search engines. So it will like having your own blogging platform withing RSS Ground. Exciting isn’t it?

Estimated release dates: March-April 2020


IFTTT integration

IFTTT is a well-know platform which provides numerous automation solutions. This also includes automation with a help of RSS feeds. We plan to develop a special IFTTT module which will be connected to your IFTTT account and trigger your applets according to your campaign settings. IFTTT will help you automate posting to a wider range of posting destinations as well as well as set up any other events and triggers.

Estimated release dates: May-June 2020


We once again thank you for being a part of our digital community! We much appreciate your feedback and suggestions. As usual, when making our development plans , we will be tuned to meet your wishes and requests. Only together we can make RSS Ground better! 

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2 Responses

    1. Clifford, we are still at the stage of conceptualization and planning. We see this tool as a regular posting campaign, where you specify your set of content feeds and other settings and filters. Then you create an applet in IFTTT and connect your campaign there. Actually you will be able to do whatever IFTTT allows doing with RSS feeds. You can contact our support to describe what functionality would you like to have. This will help us to better plan this new tool.

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