Upgraded Twitter Feeds Generator Is On The Fly!

After a recent release of a bunch of some new popular content sources, we are glad to announce a renovated and improved Twitter Feeds generator.

We constantly follow recommendations and wishes you leave in our ongoing user survey about new tools and features. After a recent release of several new content sources, we are excited to announce a renovated and improved Twitter Feeds generator.

Now you will be able to search for tweets and generate self-updating content feeds using not only keywords, but also Twitter usernames.

Several advanced filters will help you fine tune your search results and obtain highly targeted content.

Please, check our user guide to learn more about Twitter Feeds generator.

New Twitter Feeds Generator can be accessed from the updated navigation menu:


Or from “MY ACCOUNT” page:

Your feeds generated with the older version of Twitter Feeds generator will continue to work. Also, don’t forget that Twitter feeds are private feeds and the number of private feeds you can generate is limited by your membership level.

Access to Twitter Feeds options will also depend on your membership level. Free Basic users will only be able to generate feeds using keywords. Plus users can also generate feeds with tweets of specific Twitter users. Premium and Business users will have full and unlimited access to the updated Twitter Feeds tool with all advanced settings and filters.

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