Some Twitter Posting Automation Restrictions

Twitter posting restrictions

Just recently Twitter announced about new restrictions in its Information Quality policy. Twitter tries to prohibit any attempts to use automation for the purposes of posting or disseminating spam. Read more

According to these new policies now it is not allowed to automate simultaneous posting of identical or substantially similar content to multiple Twitter accounts. Also it is not allowed to post multiple updates to a trending or popular topic through the use of specific hashtag.

Following these changes we were forced to make some changes to our Twitter poster.

1. From now you are not allowed to make simultaneous posts to several Twitter accounts from the same posting campaign.

You can still authenticate several Twitter accounts in one posting campaign, but gradual posts will be made to only one of the authenticated accounts at a time, either randomly or by turns.

You can use Post to accounts option to control this feature.

2. Another restriction is about using automated hashtags in your posts. From now on all text starting with # will be stripped from Posting mask.

We hope these changes won’t affect your experience of using our Twitter poster much. We will be following the situation with Twitter policy update and inform you of all the changes. We will also continue to develop Twitter poster to make it more efficient for you.

We know this is some sad news but let’s stay on a bright side. We have to follow Twitter rules if we want to play with it. The good news are that Twitter now allows 280 characters in tweets, twice as much. Now you can squeeze in a little bit of description in your tweets along with a title and link. Read more

We continue to improve and update our service to make it more useful, powerful and effective for your advantage. Follow our updates.

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