RSS to WordPress Poster is almost done!

We have almost finished the development of the new tool – RSS to WordPress Poster.

This new poster will be released during the next week.

We are now planning the development of other RSS solutions such as:

  • RSS to Facebook Poster – automatically update any number of Facebook accounts with content from RSS feeds;
  • Web to RSS – create RSS Feed for any webpage;
  • Atom-RSS-Atom converter – convert Atom feeds to RSS feeds and vice versa;
  • RSS to Blogger Poster – automatically update Blogger blogs with content from RSS feeds;

Please take your part in the poll bellow to help us with further development process. You may also leave your comments with suggestions and ideas.

We are always eager to have your feedback in order to make the service even more efficient and powerful.

Contact us at [email protected] any time and with any proposition.

What tool would you like to be developed next for RSS
RSS to Facebook Poster
Web to RSS converter
Atom / RSS converter
RSS to Blogger Poster


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