RSS to Twitter Poster was finally added to RSS Ground service!

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Now RSS Ground users are able to automatically send posts to their Twitter accounts using targeted and ever-updated content from RSS feeds.

The main advantages setting RSS to Twitter Poster apart from similar services are:

  • RSS to Twitter can work not only with a single RSS feed but with a group of RSS feeds. You can insert a number of RSS feeds from several providers having different types of content and send these diverse updates to your Twitter account.
  • RSS to Twitter can make posts to several Twitter accounts simultaneously from the same posting project. You may update a group of Twitter accounts using the same settings or you may set to update specific Twitter account from the list or even set to update them randomly.
  • RSS to Twitter can make posts using only fresh items from RSS feeds constantly checking for updates, or take random items, or take them one after another starting with the most fresh one.
  • RSS to Twitter Poster makes posts using custom automation system – posts will be made with a random timestamp in order to avoid footprints and look like “human-made posts” but you can still set start and end date of the posting project and set repeat time for posts.
  • Every user can create several projects with different settings to have a full control over posting campaigns. All projects can be paused if needed, edited any time or simply removed from the list.

Please follow this link to read more about this tool and find out how to operate it:

RSS to Twitter Poster is available for all users subscribed to a Professional level of membership.

However we allow other users to try this tool and evaluate its potential. Simply contact our support team and require a temporary access to a new RSS to Twitter Poster.

RSS to Twitter Poster is our first posting tool planned for RSS Ground service. RSS to WordPress Poster is now in development.

This new set of posters will provide more opportunities to RSS Ground users for utilizing RSS feeds: generate several RSS feeds from a list of keywords, convert them into code in order to easily place them to websites or blogs or set to post content from RSS feeds to social network accounts or blogging platforms – all of these from the single interface!

Please enjoy RSS to Twitter Poster and follow our updates!

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