RSS Ground Changelog March 2024

Check out the latest changes and updates we added to the service in March of 2024.

Test Post Option For Manual Posts

Following numerous requests from our users, we have added a Test Post option to your posting campaigns. You can now run manual posts regardless of whether the posting campaign is active or paused.

You can find the Test Post option in the campaign’s log pop-up or in the campaign’s editor, under the Automation section.

Please note, that using the Test Post option won’t affect the posting campaign’s automation settings.

Read more about “Test Post” option

Personal Feeds Posts Limits

We would like to remind you about the limits for Personal Feeds. You can add a maximum of 500 posts to your personal feeds. Out of these, the 50 latest posts will be visible in the personal feed, while the remaining 450 will be archived.

Previously, before the recent update, you were unable to add more posts to your personal feed once you reached the 500 posts limit.

However, with the current update, you can now add more posts to your personal feed even if the limit has been reached. But please note that as soon as a new post is added, the oldest archived post will be automatically and permanently deleted.

Read more about Personal Feeds

Affiliate Feeds Buy Buttons

Now you have the option to edit the [Buy now] / [Read more] buttons in your private eBay, Amazon, CJ Affiliate, and Best Buy affiliate feeds. You can customize the default CSS to change the appearance of the item’s order button to match your website’s design.


To do this, use the Order button CSS option in the affiliate feeds generators. 

However, please note that editing CSS settings carries some risk. If you are unsure about how it works, it is recommended to leave it intact.

Read more about editing default CSS for order buttons

Posting Automation Section

We have enhanced the usability of the posting campaign Automation option. Now, you can utilize the ‘Run campaign‘ option to set the campaign to run continuously or on specific days.

  • Run campaign = Always‘ means the campaign will run every day of the week.
  • Run campaign = Specific Days & Times‘ allows you to select specific days of the week and time periods for your posts.

Read more about posting campaign automation

Gearbest Feeds Links

As you may already know, the Gearbest platform is no longer in operation. As a result, we have been compelled to suspend our Gearbest affiliate feeds generator.

Since you have generated numerous Gearbest feeds that are no longer functional, we have made the decision to remove them from your Feedsboxes. This will help free up space on our servers and alleviate any restrictions on your private feeds.

In the meantime, we encourage you to switch to using our other affiliate feeds generators:

eBay Feeds
Amazon Feeds
CJ Affiliate Feeds
ClickBank Feeds
Best Buy Feeds

What's Next?

Our next step involves integrating Personal Feeds as triggers in automation platforms such as IFTTT, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect. You can now use your posting campaigns as triggers, allowing new posts to be automatically sent to an automation platform as soon as they are ready.

The same functionality will apply to personal feeds. Whenever a new post is added to a personal feed, it will be sent to an automation platform.

Furthermore, we are currently working on a major update for the Personal Feeds. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

At RSS Ground, we are dedicated to providing you with a powerful and efficient service to automate your content syndication and content marketing efforts. We value your input and are always eager to hear your ideas and suggestions.

To facilitate this, we have implemented a voting system where you can vote for new features or propose your own ideas: RSS GROUND FEATURE REQUESTS

Be a Content King with RSS Ground!

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