RSS Ground Changelog June 2019

New tools, new features, new plans! RSS Ground is evolving and developing. We have a whole bunch of exacting updates released in June.

New tools, new features, new production plans! RSS Ground is evolving and developing. We have a whole bunch of exciting updates released in June. See our recent changelog:

Instagram Feeds generator

One of the major projects in our development plan was a new content feeds generator. In June we have introduced a brand new Instagram Feeds tool.

With the help of this tool, you can generate self-updating content feeds with your own Instagram posts, posts of any other Instagram business user, or Instagram hashtag search results.

Basic version of Instagram Feeds generator is available to all membership levels, where full version is only available to Premium and Business users.

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Permanently keep Table Filters on

We have made a small but highly demanded update for the tables with your saved data (Feeds Box, Posting Campaigns and Content Widgets tables). Now all filters which you use to search your feeds, posting campaigns or content widgets will be automatically saved until you change them.

You don’t need to set filters or sorting each time you login any more.  Your recent filter settings will be restored automatically.

Private feeds metadata

Another update to help manage your data, in this case private feeds in Feeds Box. Now you can use private feeds’ description in Feeds Box to see what keywords or other filters were used to generate those feeds.

In your Feeds Box, that information about the feed can be viewed by clicking on a arrow-down tick to expand feed’s description.

We have also added this info as a metadata to feed’s channel description.

Users survey

We, in RSS Ground, always follow our users suggestions and ideas. We try to make the service to be in full compliance with your needs and requests.

We have launched users survey to find out what tools, options and features you wish to see next in RSS Ground. We have a long list of planned updates but we would like to know the order we should develop those in.

Please, take part in the survey, helping us make the service better. All your votes will be considered.

Pinterest tools are coming soon!

While you vote for the list of the next tools and updates, we already have first major candidates. These will be Pinterest Feeds Generator and Pinterest automated content poster.

Pinterest is a popular social platform with millions of users and tons of high quality news. Pinterest feeds will be a tremendous source of relevant content and an excellent posting destination with a sea of targeted traffic.

Stay on top with RSS Ground!

Please enjoy!

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service easy to use and effective to help you automate your content management and content marketing efforts. That’s why we strongly need your ideas and suggestions to make it better and better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions. 

And remember – we are always here to help and assist.

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