RSS Ground Changelog April 2021

We are excited to share news about our latest updates and upcoming plans. A lot has been done to improve Personal Feeds functionality and  interactions with the Facebook Platform.  

Personal feeds media files

We have improved processing of media files in personal feeds. You can now see if your personal feed item contains media or enclosure files. An additional tab will be visible next to the tab with item’s description in the item’s editor.

Media files from [Media:content] and [Enclousure] tabs can be removed, and your own media files can be added instead.

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More Content in Facebook Feeds

Facebook has updated its developers documentation just recently. And several good new features were brought with this update.  

Instagram platform update will be announced below.

You may notice some changes with your Facebook feeds. More content is now shown in your Facebook page and group feeds. Now additional text content is shown above post’s image.

Video posts are now also visible in Facebook feeds. They contain an image thumbnail that links back to the original Facebook posts with video. 

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Facebook Group Feeds limits

Unfortunately Facebook platform update also has a drawback.

Starting from May 24, 2021, Facebook group feeds will display only posts not older than 90 days.

Please check your Facebook group feeds to make sure they work fine in your posting campaigns, content widgets or Feeds Reader.

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Instagram poster coming soon

And now our festive news.

A long awaited documentation for Instagram publishing has been released by Facebook at last.

Following your numerous requests, we are starting to work on our new tool – automated Instagram Poster.

We plan to release around June of 2021. Stay tuned and follow our updates.

Stay on top with RSS Ground!

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service effective and easy to use to help you automate your content management and marketing efforts. That’s why we strongly need your ideas and suggestions to keep improving it. Don’t hesitate to vote for upcoming tools and features or contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions . 

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