RSS Ground Change Log July-August 2018

Summertime is traditionally a vacation period. But this time it was rather intense for the entire RSS Ground team. We were busy not only with our planned developments, but also with urgent adjustments because of the changes announced by major social networks. Please see below a list of our main updates issued in July-August:

Facebook Poster Now runs well

Facebook has announced that all apps using the Facebook Platform APIs would have needed to go through a more comprehensive review procedure. And for several days our users could have experienced some problems with posting to Facebook.

Right now everything is back to normal and we have a possibility to make posts to Facebook pages and groups. Thoug posting to personal profile was restricted.

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LinkedIn Major tokens update

Following Facebook, LinkedIn platform has also announced about some major changes in its posting procedures.

We had to implements a new system of user tokens to our LinkedIn poster. And now if you have active LinkedIn posting campaigns, please go to your campaigns to re-authenticate your LinkedIn user to continue making posts to your news feed and company pages.

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New Powerful Feeds Reader

In July we have introduced our new Feeds Reader. It is rather faster, more user-friendly and full of additional features. Of the new features is OPML import.

So if you keep your feeds somewhere else you can easily import them to our new reader and keep enjoy reading and sharing content from your favorite feeds from the same place.

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Datafeeds User Guide

In RSS Ground you can get targeted content feeds from various sources including such popular content providers like Facebook and YouTube, and also affiliate platforms such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank. But another popular source of targeted content especially for affiliate marketing is datafeeds.
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We have developed a detailed user guide on how you can generate content (RSS) feeds from datafeeds. If you still don’t use Datafeeds tool, you should try.
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Easily change user profile in posting campaign


We have introduced a new “Disconnect” option in Facebook and LinkedIn posters. It will help you to easily change a user authenticated for a given campaign.

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Please enjoy!

And remember, with your suggestions and ideas we can make RSS Ground even better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback. We are always here to help and assist.

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