New state of the art “Feeds To Code Converter” is in final testing!

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I know we have promised it a long time ago, however it wasn’t easy to develop and implement it the way we wanted it taking under consideration all feedback from our users.

Thousands of dollars later and numerous weeks of coding and  it does exist  now, currently on our testing server – jaw-dropping converter utilizing new technologies.

Be very patient and our old converter will be replaced with our new converter within several days.

Here is what new converter will be capable of:

– mixing several rss feeds and converting them into one html / php / javascript code

– creating a border over your content block, separating items with a line

– adding HTML before and after content block

– shuffling items, cloaking links

changing elements order within each item by dragging and dropping !!!

turning item elements on/off !!!

– naming your code snippets

– adding HTML before and after each item element

– limiting a number of symbols in item description

– removing html tags from item descriptions

– and some other features…


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