New Feeds to Code Converter is now available!

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Thank you for your patience and all your feedback. Hopefully, we have managed to implement every feature you have suggested and some extra options from our own developments.

Inspite of the fact that our Converter was totally renovated you can still find the same features it had before and still use it the same way. But it is like comparing Toyota Corolla to a brand new Mercedes-Benz. No hype,  you will see it yourself.

The main feature of the new Converter is that now it can convert multiple rss feeds into a single content block instead of just one feed. You can mix up together different types of targeted content from different providers (rss feed sources). And as a result you will receive a totally unique fresh and ever updated content block,  converted into HTML, javascript or php code that is ready to be inserted into your website or blog.

Tons of new options such as separator line between items, items shuffling, background image, font editing options and more will make you feel like a sculptor creating his own work of art. For advanced users we have implemented the option of HTML wrapping for every element of each rss feed.

Another "patent-pending" 🙂 powerful feature is "drag-and-drop" of item elements. You can literally drag and drop item elements one over another to control the order of elements within each rss feed’s item: item title, item date, item description or item link as well as turn them ON/OFF. Great SEO advantage for your rss content !!! This option is worth just playing with it.

So, new Feeds to Code Converter makes it possible to combine news, web search results, blog posts, images related to the same keyword all together in the same content block. This will make your content super informative and targeted. And it can be highly customized by you to match absolutely any design.

The power of this tool is non-existant anywhere else on the internet yet. Please check converter tutorial here.

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