New Content Widgets Manager

Content widgets manager

Dear RSS Ground users!

We are finishing the planned update of MY ACCOUNT section and for those of you who actively use “Content Widgets” we are excited to introduce a new Content Widgets manager.

With the new design and functionality you can easily search, filter and manage your created content widgets.

Click to view the video tutorial on how to manage content widgets.

Content widget – is a self-updating content block that can be inserted into any spot of your webpage. It will display the latest information from specified feeds and can be configured to match your webpage’s design and layout. Read more

These are main advantages of using content widgets:

  • Content widgets are used to display targeted content from a list of your content feeds in your blogs and websites;
  • Content widgets can be shown anywhere on your website – header, footer, sidebar or main body;
  • Content widgets can be generated in one of the code formats of your choice: HTML, PHP or JavaScript;
  • Content widgets can have dimensions and design matching your webpage template;
  • Content widgets will self update and always display fresh updates from your content feeds;
  • Content widgets will make your website or blog look ever updated, for visitors and search engines;
  • Content widgets can be used along with your posting campaigns;

If you still don’t use content widgets, give it a try. It is a very effective instrument for diversifying your content strategy!

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