Make Affiliate Marketing Easier With Affiliate RSS Feeds

Affiliate marketing is a good start for those who think about making money online. You don’t have to create any products, you don’t need to invest pots of money, you don’t have to be a marketing professional (if you are – it is a plus). So, in the situation when you are looking for additional passive income or a work-from-home opportunity, affiliate marketing is the right choice.

Numerous affiliate marketing gurus will be saying that making money online by promoting affiliate products is fast and easy; that you can make a full time income selling other’s products and do nothing. Well, full time income – yes, fast and easy doing nothing – let’s don’t be naive.

To make money with affiliate marketing fast and easy you need to make several “must do” steps first. Choose your specific niche, create a website or blog, register with affiliate programs. And then you have to do routine tasks like looking for targeted affiliate products, send updates to your blogs and websites, communicate with your customers.

Good thing is that some advanced information technologies can help you with all that daily routine. These technologies can even help you avoid most of the daily routine. We are talking about RSS technology and RSS feeds.


How RSS feeds can help you with your affiliate marketing.

RSS is a technology which helps delivering content from original content providers to end users. The most remarkable thing about RSS is that it is an easy and commonly used format of displaying information in the form of RSS feeds.

RSS feeds, basically, are simple URLs which show you recent updates on a given topic published by a content provider. The best part here is that RSS feeds are self-updated and as soon as you have a targeted RSS feed you receive fresh content instantly.

Many affiliate networks such as eBay Partner Network and many others provide widgets which allow you to generate targeted RSS feeds with products related to a chosen niche. As soon as new relevant products appear in affiliate program you can see them in your RSS feed.

But many affiliate networks don’t have RSS feed widgets. Nevertheless you can use third party services such as RSS Ground to generate affiliate RSS feeds using various filters and sorting options. You can even set it up to automatically share recent updates to your social networks and blogs. This definitely saves time and efforts in your search for targeted products and delivery to your end audience.

RSS feeds will help not only with affiliate products. You can receive and share all kinds of relevant information on your topic for your niche. And you probably know that in online business fresh and relevant content is a synonym to targeted traffic and higher profits.

Another way of using RSS technology is to convert affiliate datafeeds to RSS feeds. Datafeed is also a way of stocking and delivering content. But datafeeds can be “understood” only by software and third party scripts. So RSS technologies can work as a mediator (we will talk about RSS and Datafeeds in another article).


A little hint to those who have decided to start making money online with affiliate marketing. Don’t concentrate on “fast and easy” concept of affiliate marketing. Pay more attention on how to make affiliate marketing work better for you. And that’s why you need to work for it first. Some advanced technologies like RSS feeds will help you make your first steps in affiliate marketing more effective. And such services like RSS Ground can help you systematize your affiliate marketing efforts.


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