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New RSS content providers in General RSS Feeds Generator

We have updated general RSS feeds generator by adding the following new content sources:

Twitter rss feeds (from  under "Blog posts" section.

Truveo video rss feeds (from under "Media" section

Blinkx video rss feeds (from under "Media" section

Hubmed medical rss feeds (from under "Other" section

If you have any other sources in your mind that you would like to generate rss feeds from, please let us know.



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Multiple updates to RSS Ground tools.


Around the clock RSS Ground  technicians monitor and make improvements to the service. During the last couple of months we have conducted numerous fixes that will improve a quality of our service for you.

1) First of all, a  new advanced system of rotating IP addresses was implemented  for your code snippets due to the fact that some RSS content providers started to block ...

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New Feeds to Code Converter is now available!

Thank you for your patience and all your feedback. Hopefully, we have managed to implement every feature you have suggested and some extra options from our own developments.

Inspite of the fact that our Converter was totally renovated you can still find the same features it had before and still use it the same way. But it is like comparing Toyota Corolla to a brand new Mercedes-Benz. No hype,  you will see ...

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New state of the art “Feeds To Code Converter” is in final testing!

I know we have promised it a long time ago, however it wasn’t easy to develop and implement it the way we wanted it taking under consideration all feedback from our users.

Thousands of dollars later and numerous weeks of coding and  it does exist  now, currently on our testing server – jaw-dropping converter utilizing new technologies.

Be very patient and our old converter will be replaced with our new converter within several days.

Here is what new converter ...

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