FTC Affiliate Disclosure For Bloggers: Everything You Need To Know

Affiliate marketing rules
Are you an affiliate marketer, blogger, or site owner who is making money online by promoting products of companies based in the USA, the UK, or Canada?

If yes, then here’s another question: ARE YOU DISCLOSING YOUR AFFILIATION PROPERLY?

This post is all about learning the importance of a legally valid FTC affiliate disclosure, and how to effective display ...

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How to Use RSS Feeds for Content Marketing

RSS Content Marketing

To begin with we probably need to determine what content marketing is. Generally speaking “content marketing” is a practice of using relevant content to achieve marketing goals. Marketing goals can be defined as promotion or sales, it actually depend on what type of product or service you offer. We will talk about this later. First of all ...

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Facebook Events is a Great Feature for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing

Making gradual posts to Facebook timeline and pages is already a common practice. It brings growing traffic and keeps your audience informed, updated and instructed. But there’s always a need to add something new to your content marketing. And Facebook Events feature can diverse your Facebook strategy.

Read more about Facebook events

Facebook events is a great way ...

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