YouTube Feeds Now Require Personal API Key

This week, those of you who use private YouTube feeds could notice that they now produce an error. This happens because of the recent changes in Google developers platform. Google has introduced very loose quotas for the number of YouTube video search requests. And our own RSS Ground app quota couldn’t cover all the requests from thousands of existing YouTube feeds generated by our users.

The only solution in this situation was to allow our users to personalize YouTube search requests to resume existing feeds and be able to generate more feeds. To personalize YouTube search, you need to obtain your own Google API key.

Here are instructions on how to obtain Google API key for YouTube feeds:…


If you already have YouTube feeds generated before the key option was implemented, you can easily resume all your feeds at once:

  • Go to Default settings;
  • Find Google YouTube API section and add your key there;
  • Enable Overwrite key for all YouTube feeds checkmark;
  • Press Update.

Your API key will be automatically added to all of your existing YouTube feeds:

If you don’t have YouTube feeds you can still save your API key in Default settings, and it will be automatically shown in YouTube Feeds generator every time you wish to generate new YouTube feeds.


Please note, all YouTube feeds and posting campaigns that use these feeds will keep failing until you implement your personal API key. If you have many  YouTube feeds, you probably need several keys. Please contact our support team for more information.


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