Streamline your content discovery & sharing

Manage your content, blogs & social networks more efficiently

Tap into unlimited content

Get instant access to over 1 million public content feeds on absolutely any topic. Articles, news, blog posts, reviews, podcasts, videos and more.

Curate content like a pro

Forget your bookmarks. Follow on your favorite content with our Feeds Reader, all in one page. News, videos, stock prices, products research - you name it.

Automate content sharing

Setup automated posting campaigns to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, Telegram and IFTTT. Full or semi-automated publishing.

Save precious time

Create personal feeds, compose your own content and have it automatically syndicated to multiple destinations. (AI content writer and AI image generator are coming soon.

Get passive income

Monetize content from Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction and datafeeds with your affiliate ID and share it to make money on autopilot.

Have a peace of mind

Everything built into one convenient web-based service. Mobile-friendly layout, fast & secure cloud servers, top notch support, video tutorials and extensive knowledgebase.

How it works

The core of our service is a FEED.

Some people call them RSS feeds, RDF feeds, web feeds, atom feeds, channels,  xml feeds, news feeds and other weird names we are yet to find out. We call them content feeds.

Feed is actually a very smart little file that updates its content as soon as its source updates. Think of it as a “container” for your content.  For example, if we have a feed from CNN, and CNN publishes a new article, our feed immediately updates with the new item, containing this article.  And we can utilize this functionality in so many different ways. So here is your process of working with content “the smart way”:

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Who this is for

Bloggers & social gurus

Don't know what to share?

Search for public feeds related to your niche. Generate private feeds with content from Youtube, Amazon, Google News and more. Setup automated posting campaigns for your blogs and social networks.

Your audience will love you for frequent updates of quality content and will always come back for more. Build your authority the smart way!

Internet & affiliate marketers

Making money online?

Generate private content feeds with products from Amazon, eBay, Clickbank or CJ Affiliate with your affiliate ID in them. Create hundreds of niche blogs or social accounts. Use your RSS Ground account to setup automated posting campaigns with that monetized content.

Watch floods of money in affiliate commissions pour in… Enjoy the life you deserve!

SEO & eCommerce experts

Need more quality traffic?

Create a bunch of web 2.0 properties such as social accounts and pages, WordPress or Blogger blogs related to your main website or eCommerce store. Use your site’s RSS feed to distribute content to all these properties.

Enjoy improved SEO and  avalanche of new visitors. Not exactly sure how it’s done? Don’t worry, we provide extensive  knowledgebase to help you use our service.

All the content you need

Reduce your content discovery time by over 70%. Stop looking up websites and  searching through their source code for the RSS feed.  Use our public feeds search tool to get access to over 500 000 feeds on any topic you can think of. 

Preview and fine-tune your search results using advanced filters. Conveniently save the feeds you like to Feeds Box for further use.


Private content feeds

You can generate feeds from sources that don’t have feeds by default by using your keywords and a set of filters. Content such as Facebook pages or Twitter tweets, Amazon or eBay products, Google or Bing news, YouTube videos or Flickr images are just a click away.

Automate sharing of this awesome content to your blogs and social accounts.

Datafeeds? Sure...

Working with datafeeds?  Smart thinking. We offer a unique and very advanced tool that allows you to convert any datafeed (.csv or .txt product file) into RSS feed with your affiliate ID embedded. After that it is compatible with our system and can be use in automated posting campaigns, content widgets or Feeds Reader.


Automated content sharing

Still sharing content by hand?  That’s so last year! Grab your public and private feeds and setup automated posting campaigns for your social media and blogs.

Need to constantly update hundreds of blogs or social accounts?  We’ve got you covered.  Setup your posting campaigns and forget it.
Go enjoy your life!

Money making

Monetized content?  Content with your affiliate links? Definitely. We offer you tools to easily generate affiliate feeds from sources such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank or CJ Affiliate. Heck, you can even bring in any eCommerce datafeed and make it work with our system.

Automate posting of products with your affiliate links to your blogs and social networks or display them on your website via Content Widgets.  You choose your way to make easy money!


Reading is not dead

Not just reading…  content curation.
Your head will spin from ideas when we tell what you can use our Feeds Reader for. Here is just a few examples:

Content Widgets

Display relevant and self-updating content on your website in the form of content widgets.  Select feeds from your Feeds Box, convert them into a Content Widget in php, javascript or iframe format and simply add it your website’s template.

Have an eCommerce store? Display relevant news in your sidebar or related videos in your footer. There is no limit to what can be done!


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What our users say

Everything you need is under one roof

Are you still paying for a bunch of services such as Feedly, Buffer,, twibble, Fetchrss or similar?


RSS Ground lets you organize all your content management activities in one place, so you (or your team) can focus on one important thing:


It’s like hiring a team of content managers for a fraction of the cost. We let you work with 4 main areas of content marketing:

Content Discovery

Content Sharing

Content Curation

Content Display

Full or semi automation

With RSS Ground you can fully automate your content discovery and sharing activities. Flying on autopilot is great, but sometimes you need to take control.  We came up with a way to hand pick content items from various feeds you have and add them to your own custom feeds. So here is how it works:

Step 1:

Get some public or private feeds with content that you are interested in (sources that you are interested in).  Add them to your Feeds Reader.

Step 2:

Create a custom feed in your Reader and setup posting campaigns with it for all of your social media accounts and blogs.

Step 3:

Regularly check feeds in your Feeds Reader for items that you want to be shared to your blogs or social accounts.  Select and add them to your custom feed. They will be automatically posted to all of your destinations.

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Content feeds used
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Fall in love with our features

Unlimited content sources

Access any public feed, generate private feeds, work with datafeeds and personal feeds. Manage your content like a PRO.

Money making opportunities

Generate content with affiliate links to setup passive streams of income with automated posting. Or, promote us for commissions!

Responsive layout

Web based service with responsive layout allows you to work from any of your devices: PC, tablet or phone.

Automated content distribution

Setup posting campaigns for social media and blogs, curate content in Feeds Reader, add self-updated content widgets to your site

Extensive help & support

24/7 helpdesk support. Knowledgebase with user guides, videos, tutorials and FAQs. Help beacon on every page.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

SAAS (Software As A Service) running on secure and scalable cloud servers with cloudflare and KeyCDN.

Feel free to contact us with any questions,
provide feedback or just say hello!