New tool is being cooked to enhance your arsenal

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Christmas is coming as well as New Year.

This is a perfect time of the year to analyze what has been done and to make plans for the upcoming year.

RSS Ground has been working pretty stable for that past year. Around 400 000 keywords have been converted into rss feeds. Over half a million rss feeds and code snippets have been generated. Over 3 million URLs have been shortened and tracked. Our rss feeds content is shown on thousands of websites and blogs. Our servers eat up hundreds of gigabytes of traffic per month.

But we are not just supporting what we already provide in our service. We are trying to come up with new tools to enhance your online business even more.

Our programmers are currently working on a new tool with a working title "Datafeed 2 RSS Converter". This tool will allow you to convert any ecommerce datafeeds into RSS feeds. It will be extremely flexible in terms of parsing the data as well as formatting it to your liking. Imagine what you can do with hundreds of rss feeds containing unlimited number of any products with your affiliate ID in  product links.

With the release of Datafeed 2 RSS converter in 2010 we are planning to introduce multiple memberships for RSS Ground, thus everyone will be able to pick a membership that best fits his needs.

We are also planning to develop tools allowing you to post rss feeds content into your blogs, social networking accounts such as facebook and twitter. How about RSS feeds submitter, allowing you to submit your rss feeds (don’t forget to put your affiliate ID in them) to all major rss feed directories.

And some other ideas that we will not share just yet 😉 And all of this under one centralized and easy to use account.

Stay tuned,

Max Galitsyn and RSS Ground team.

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