New options were added to RSS Posters and Amazon RSS feeds.

Following the suggestions of RSS Ground users several new options were added to RSS Posters.

Exclude/Include keywords option. Now you may specify keywords to filter RSS items for posting.

Include keywords – will select only RSS item which includes at least one of the specified keywords in its title or description.

Exclude keywords – will exclude from posting RSS item which includes at least one of the specified keywords in its title or description.

Several comma separated keywords may be used in one posting project.

exclude include keywords option

Project automation. A 6 hours time interval was added to project automation for more effective posting.

We also remind you that project automation uses a system of random time step posting. This means that each time post is made at a random time within a specified time period. It will make your posting look like a human behavior.

Some updates were made to Amazon RSS feeds.

Now Amazon product images can be clickable. User’s affiliate link can be added to a main product image in order to increase conversions. Pay attention to a new option in “Settings” tab of Amazon RSS feeds Generator: “Convert product image into affiliate link”.

In case you have already generated several Amazon RSS feeds before this option was implemented, simply add this tag to Amazon RSS link: &ImageLink=1

Amazon product image option

Finally, tag was added to Amazon RSS feeds items so prove feed validity in some third-party scripts.

Please, let us know what other options and improvements are required and we will more than happily follow your advice!

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