Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All RSS Ground Users!!!


Dear Friends!

RSS Ground team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We thank you for being a part of our RSS community and are looking forward to meet you again in the next season.

We would like to share our plans for  future updates:

RSS Reader

RSS ReaderThe first runner up is a new RSS tool which will help you organize and read your RSS feeds sorted by topics and dates.

You won’t need to copy and paste your feeds into third party scripts. You will be able to generate and read RSS feeds right in your RSS Ground account.


General RSS Feeds Generator update

General RSS Feeds GeneratorWe plan to reorganize this tool and make it more user-friendly. We will create a catalog of RSS feeds sorted by topics. It will be easier to find relevant content you need.
It is also planned to invite our users to submit their own RSS feeds and share them with others.



Postomator.comAs a paid member of RSS Ground you were provided with a free StartUp edition of SGW – self growing websites system. It helps automatically update your websites and blogs with targeted content. It can be compared with our RSS posters. However it is more powerful and has way more options.

Well it is discontinued… The good news are that Postomator is a successor of SGW. It will have a completely redesigned interface supporting mobile devices. We also revised a content processing approach. Now it is more flexible and allows you to construct your posts using different types of content: articles, RSS feeds, videos, images, ads and even custom codes.

You can already try Postomator Beta. It’s free.
Well, we guess it is enough for start.

Let’s have good holidays and meet next year with fresh emotions, aspiration, ideas and projects.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

RSS Ground team

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