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In the digital age, content is king. But managing and distributing content efficiently across various channels can be a royal pain without the right tools. RSS Ground has made another giant leap for content automation by integrating first with IFTTT,  now Zapier and soon Pabbly Connect

Thousands of third-party apps and services are now ready to enhance your content marketing capabilities.
With RSS Ground, now you’re not just scheduling content – you’re building an automated digital ecosystem that grows with you.

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RSS Ground integration with major automation platforms

Since we now compatible with more than one automation platforms, IFTTT Poster has been replaced with Integration Platforms Poster. This new Integration Platforms Poster is now supporting  IFTTT, Zapier or Pabbly Connect (coming soon) as you can see by logos located in the “Posting” section:

Integration Platforms Poster

if you are already running any IFTTT posting campaigns, don’t worry, no action is required on your part. All IFTTT posting campaigns are converted into Integration posting campaigns. You can see a different logo in your posting campaigns list:


Integration posting campaign

Full Zapier Experience

Until recently you can only use RSS Ground in Zapier as an action, meaning you could use triggers on Zapier to automatically add content to your personal feeds.  Now we have implemented RSS Ground as a trigger on Zapier where you can use your posting campaigns as triggers and send posts to any action app.  We are also excited to announce “Full Zapier Experience” where you don’t have to leave your RSS Ground account to access your Zaps / Workflows, create new ones or user Zap Templates.  

To do so, while in posting campaign, just click on Zapier logo, or the link under it and you will end up on this page in a new tab:

All Posters are now compatible with Zapier, IFTTT and Pabbly Connect (coming soon)

You can enable automation platforms integration in any of our posters in “Posting” section. After doing so, that campaign will become visible in the list of campaigns in your Zapier, IFTTT or Pabbly Connect trigger:

Posters Integration with Zapier, IFTTT and Pabbly Connect

Now you can collect and post content via several automation platforms

RSS Ground content sharing via integrations:

  1. To start sharing content from RSS Ground to IFTTT, Zapier and Pabbly Connect (coming soon), you need to create at least one Integration posting campaign or enable integration option in a regular posting campaign. In either way, the posting campaign should be active and running. 
  2. Set up RSS Ground as a “Trigger” at IFTTT, Zapier and Pabbly Connect.
  3. Set up any other app as “Action” to finish your automation workflow.

The same campaign can participate in multiple workflows, there are no limitations for now.

RSS Ground content collection via integrations:

  1. To collect content from IFTTT, Zapier and Pabbly Connect (coming soon) you need to create at least one personal feed.
  2. Then create a new workflow at IFTTT, Zapier or Pabbly Connect and use any app you wish as a “Trigger”.
  3. Then select RSS Ground as an Action, select one of your personal feeds and match fields from the “Trigger”.

The same personal feed can participate in multiple workflows, there are no limitations for now.

 Below is the list of step-by-step guides on how to set up RSS Ground as a “Trigger”, or as an “Action” at IFTTT, Zapier or Pabbly Connect:

  1. How to connect RSS Ground with IFTTT
  2. How to connect RSS Ground with Zapier
  3. How to connect RSS Ground with Pabbly Connect

With RSS Ground’s integration with IFTTT, Zapier, and Pabbly, your content marketing efforts can achieve unparalleled efficiency and impact. The beauty of content automation lies in its ability to make our digital lives easier and more interconnected. 

And we keep working on it. Further updates are already coming. Pabbly Connect is coming very soon. We also plan to add an option when you will be able to use your personal feeds as triggers in automation platforms. Several other automation platforms such as Make.com and ActivePieces.com are on our TODO list and will be added to the service eventually. 

You can always share your ideas and suggestions via our ongoing survey, or contacting our support team.
You are our main source of inspiration!

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