Custom Feeds in Feeds Reader are Deprecated


We have one “gray” and one great news. Which one to start with?

The “gray” goes first. We are removing Custom Feeds feature from our Feeds Reader.

The great news comes right after! From now, personal feeds will replace custom feeds functionality.

All your custom feeds will be automatically converted into personal feeds and show up in your Feeds Box under the same titles:


After this update, you will be able to add items from Feeds Reader to your personal feeds as well as set advanced filters to automatically add targeted items to them.

When you add an item or set a filter in Feeds Reader, you will see the list of all your personal feeds to choose from:


If you still need your ex-custom feeds in your Feeds Reader, please go ahead and add them back again to any category you like, or create a separate category for them.

If you use custom feeds in your posting campaigns or content widgets, they will be automatically updated. There is no further action required from you. The same is with your advanced filters.

But if you use custom feeds somewhere outside RSS Ground, you need to replace them with the new personal feed URLs. Copy related personal feed URL in Feeds Box:

By removing custom feeds and replacing their functionality with newly introduced personal feeds we are trying to make our service more user-friendly and simple. Personal feeds will allow you to operate your content like never before.

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