Personal feeds – a tool with a personal touch…

We are excited to announce the release of beta version of a new and long-awaited tool – Personal Feeds.

In its first iteration it will allow you to create personal feeds and add items from other content feeds.

You may have already used custom feeds for that in our Feeds Reader. But the main difference between personal and custom feeds is that personal feeds will work in Feeds Box and custom feeds will stay (for now) in Feeds Reader.

Personal feeds allow you to implement a semi-automated posting method, where you decide which exactly items you wish to be posted.

You can create separate personal feeds for items from a specific content source, or on a specific topic, or dedicated to a specific posting campaign.

Content will stay in your personal feeds even after content feeds that originally had that content were deleted from your Feeds Box.


Find Personal Feeds link in the header menu:



You can also start creating personal feeds from MY ACCOUNT page by using “Add new feeds” > “Generate private feeds” dropdown and then clicking on Personal feeds icon:



Or, from the same dropdown in Feeds Box:



To add new items to your personal feed, you need to go to Feeds Box and click Preview icon of any feed you like.



In the preview, pick any item you like and click on little  “Man with a plus” icon



Then choose personal feed from the dropdown and click ADD


More details are provided in Personal Feeds user guide


Personal feeds will work just as regular RSS Ground private feeds. You can use them in your posting campaigns, content widgets or add to your Feeds Reader.

Personal feeds are private feeds and their number in your account is limited according to your quota for private feeds.

Please note that Personal Feeds is still in Beta version. We are continuing the development process. We need your feedback on the existing functionality and on the features or options you wish to see next in personal feeds.

Next major update for Personal Feeds will include the functionality to create / write your own posts / items and edit existing items.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to test this new tool!

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