3 Basic Types of Affiliate Marketing Method.

The idea and process of affiliate marketing online is fairly direct.

A business owner who’s supplying services or products works with affiliate marketers to promote them online. It is the same thing as what “middle men” in the real world. They get a commission every time they send a buyer to a business owner.

As an affiliate marketer, He or she will go on to build their own sales funnel. An Internet affiliate marketer will usually represent a couple of vendors, working on marketing a couple of top notch products and services.

Popular and Trusted Affiliate Networks such as Clickbank, PayDotCom, Amazon and etcs. (Signing up with them are FREE)

You can setup your own websites, create good quality content about your affiliated products, make a sales page for the product, or may be send people directly to the merchant’s website (you will have to use your special affiliate link so the merchant can know its you who is sending him or her the buyers, so you can compensated.

3 Basic Types Of Affiliate Marketing

1. Pay Per Sale (PPS)

This is the most standard approach and profitable technique in affiliate marketing. The challenging parts of of PPS is that you have to get people to buy the product in order for you to get the commission.

2. Pay Per Lead (PPL)

PPL also known as Pay Per Action, you are paid when the people you sent take specific actions like signing up on newsletter, completing surveys or opting for free trial offers. With this method, visitor don’t have to buy the product or services for you to get paid. You get paid when they take the action required by the vendor. Because of nature of this method, the commission for this type of affiliate marketing is a bit less than PPS.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is the easiest type of affiliate marking. when people click on your affiliated merchants link, you get paid. The higher your Click Through Rate (CTR) the more commission you earn.

The list of affiliate marketing methods doesn’t end here.

There are more different kinds of affiliate marketing and each works based on a different system…

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