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Content Marketing 101: How to Use your Content Wisely

use content wisely

Making the most of your content marketing means taking the time to use it wisely so you can reach your desired outcome. Without careful planning, you won’t attract followers, encourage people to subscribe or increase your conversion rate. In fact, you’ll find that achieving your marketing and sales goals is difficult, and you’ll be wasting your time as a result.

We know the pain of spending time and resources on ...

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How to Repurpose Your Content


If you produce a large quantity of digital content, developing fresh material can present a challenge. Repurposing is a way for you to develop content from the works you have already published. This method allows you to expand the reach of your digital assets. Using repurposing strategy with your evergreen topics is the best way to get the most value out of your ...

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How Content on Its Own Brings Traffic, Links, and Leads.

content links leads

I have been publishing Websites since August 1996. Although I have worked at improving visibility for sites through all those years, I have never seen content fail to bring traffic, links, and leads. I have even watched spam blogs drive traffic, links, and leads.

When Web marketers smugly tell you that just publishing content does not achieve anything, I know they have ...

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Keyword Optimization vs. Topical Optimization


What is your business’ #1 goal? Sell more stuff, right? WRONG!

Sure, you want more sales, but if that’s the goal you chase, I’m afraid you are not going to be successful. Instead, I submit that your priority needs to be on building authority. And that starts with content. But not just any content. Authoritative content.

In my latest Search Engine Land article, I discuss ...

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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth


The infographic by Dot Com Infoway describes how and why visual content enjoys primacy in social media while explaining the various possible ways of integrating visual content in a brand’s online strategy.

The human brain is hardwired to process visual content faster and remember it better than text or audio. For that reason, you should make use of powerful visual content that’s engaging, well-organized, and easy to share on social media to ...

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