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Instagram business accounts

Automated posting to Instagram business accounts connected to Facebook pages.

Add other post elements

Add content title, description, link and hashtags to your Instagram image post.

Simultaneous update

Update several Instagram business accounts at a time.

Posting order

Set to post only new content, random content or post content by order.

Content filter

Filter available for posting content from your feeds by keywords.

Posting automation

Continuous posting as often as every hour, delayed posting start and scheduled stop.

Why do I need Instagram Poster?

Instagram is not just another social network. It is tremendously popular among private users and businesses. Why? First of all it is very simple. It can be managed from your cell phone. Secondly, it main object is media content: pictures and videos. Media content is the most popular type of content on the Internet. And it is the most engaging after all.

Instagram Poster from RSS Ground  will automate the process of quality content sharing to your Instagram business accounts. It will send image posts of your favorite articles from your list of content feeds. It will help to build your presence in Instagram , help to attract new visitors and customers.

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How to use Instagram poster

Instagram poster is part of RSS Ground - content discovery and sharing service

With our service you can fully automate the process of searching for targeted high-quality content feeds, following recent updates in discovered feeds, and schedule sharing of these updates with your friends, readers and visitors in Instagram. So here is how it works:

Step 1:

Choose discovered or generated content feeds and create an Instagram posting campaign.

Step 2:

Set content filters and other specific posting settings for this posting campaign. Select Instagram business account you wish to make posts to.

Step 3:

Set posting automation and save posting campaign for continuous autopilot running.

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Everything you need is under one roof

Are you still paying for a bunch of services such as Feedly, Buffer,, twibble, Fetchrss or similar?


RSS Ground lets you organize all your content management activities in one place, so you (or your team) can focus on one important thing:


It’s like hiring a team of content managers for a fraction of the cost. We let you work with 4 main areas of content marketing:

Content Discovery

Content Sharing

Content Curation

Content Display

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